VNC Proxy


The VNC Proxy is one component in an overall project known as the Chromium Renderserver.  The Chromium Renderserver allows remote visualization of DMX display walls with 3D OpenGL rendering using ordinary VNC Viewers.

Examples of things the Chromium Renderserver allow you to do include:

The VNC Proxy is derived from the VNC Reflector project. 


The Renderserver Overview gives an overview of how the Chromium Rendserserver works.

The Renderserver Setup Guide explains how to setup all the components for Chromium Renderserver.

The VNC Proxy User Guide documents how to install and use the VNC Proxy.

The Renderserver User Guide documents how to use Chromium Renderserver once everything is installed.

Mailing List / Discussion

There is only one mailing list at this time, the vncproxy-devel list.


VNC Proxy project page on SourceForge - downloads, bug database, CVS, etc.
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